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Federal Rules of Evidence 2022 Edition
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A handy pocket version of the Federal Rules of Evidence (5" x 8"), as amended through January 1, 2022. A Perfect quick reference for your desk or briefcase, for both attorneys and law school students. Incudes internal rules cross-references for ease of use. Perfect as a supplement for any casebook.


  • Article 1; General Provisions
  • Article 2; Judicial Notice
  • Article 3; Presumptions in Civil Cases
  • Article 4; Relevance and its Limits
  • Article 5; Privileges
  • Article 6; Witnesses
  • Article 7; Opinions and Expert Testimony
  • Article 8; Hearsay
  • Article 9; Authentication and Identification
  • Article 10; Contents of Writings, Recordings, and Photographs
  • Article 11; Miscellaneous Rules
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ISBN 9781640021068
Editorial Michigan Legal Publishing Ltd.
Páginas 50
Formato Paperback
Volúmenes 1
Año Pub. 2022
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