Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing
Autores: Neumann, Richard
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Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing teaches students how to organize and incorporate a legal argument into strong and cogent writing for a variety of applications in legal practice. Because effective legal writing is predicated on sound legal reasoning, the authors treat both as integral parts of one process.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive coverage of how to write an office memo, motion memo, and appellate brief—with additional chapters on oral
  • argument, client letters, and professional email
  • Exceptionally student-friendly treatment of how to organize a proof for a conclusion of law
  • A thoughtful look at all aspects of legal reasoning, from rule-based analysis to the strategy of persuasion
  • An accessible approach that focuses on the process of writing timely examples and exercises from legal practice
  • A full complement of sample documents in the Appendices
  • Additional materials and resources on the Companion Website.

A timely revision that reflects current practice, the Eighth Edition presents:

  • Expanded coverage of oral research reports and email correspondence
  • New sample appellate briefs from a recent transgender rights case
  • A fresh look at statutory construction and case analysis
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