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US Immigration Made Easy
Autores: Bray, Llona
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U.S. Immigration Made Easy has helped tens of thousands of people get a visa, green card, or other immigration status. You’ll learn:  

  • whether you and your family qualify for a short-term visa, permanent U.S. residence, or protection from deportation
  • how to obtain, fill out, and submit the necessary forms and documents
  • insider strategies for dealing with bureaucratic officials, delays, and denials
  • ways to overcome low income and other immigration barriers, and
  • how to select the right attorney. 

U.S. Immigration Made Easy provides detailed descriptions of application processes and helps you avoid traps that might destroy your chances. There’s also an immigration eligibility self-quiz, which helps you match your background and skills to a likely category of visa or green card.


The 21st edition is completely updated to cover recent legal changes owing to the new presidential administration, including the latest on DACA, U visas, asylum, and more.

This book does not cover naturalization. If you’re interested in U.S. citizenship, see Nolo’s Becoming a U.S. Citizen.

Products specifications
ISBN 9781413330717
Año Pub. 2023
Editorial Nolo
Páginas 670
Edición 21st Edition
Formato Paperback
Volúmenes 1