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Nolo Legal Research How to find & Understand the Law
Autores: Editors of Nolo
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Do you have legal questions at home, at work, or as part of law-related course work? Legal Research provides everything you need, laying out easy-to-follow research methods that will help you find the right answers. Find out how to: 

  • locate and understand statutes, regulations, and cases
  • make sure your research is 100% up to date, and
  • organize your research results into a memorandum of law for use at school, at work, or in court.

    Completely updated for the 19th edition, Legal Research shows you how to find statutes, cases, background information, and answers to specific legal questions online. Even more important, you’ll be guided to the most reliable and user-friendly sites, so you won’t drown in an information flood.

    Lots of examples and easy-to-understand instructions teach you how to master all the basic legal research tools, including: 

    • online search engines
    • reliable free legal websites
    • legal encyclopedias, periodicals, and treatises
    • annotated legal codes and statutes
    • published reports of state and federal court cases
    • case digests and Shepard’s Citations, and
    • the best legal blogs.
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ISBN 9781413328882
Año Pub. 2021
Editorial Nolo
Páginas 356
Edición 19th
Formato Paperback
Volúmenes 1