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McGraw-Hill's Spanish and English Legal Dictionary
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McGraw-Hill's Spanish and English Legal Dictionary defines hundreds of words in business law, civil and criminal law, contracts and torts, constitutional law, family law, labor law, liability, probate, property law, and international trade agreements. It includes more than 13,000 entries in Spanish and in English.

One feature that distinguishes this fully bilingual dictionary from the competition is its extensive collection of encyclopedic entries, including citations of judgments, torts and contracts, as well as civil, penal and commercial codes from the United States, Spain, and Spanish-speaking nations worldwide. It also features dozens of side-by-side sample claims, invoices, and other legal documents.

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ISBN 9781265618346
Editorial McGraw-Hill
Páginas 490
Formato Paperback
Volúmenes 1
Año Pub. 2004